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Healing Light

Meet Nic

After university, I began my working life in the insurance industry in Edinburgh.  I was happy climbing the corporate career ladder until injuries sustained in a car accident forced me to reconsider my options.  I was forced to give up work, and faced with a lifetime of chronic pain and depression, I began researching the benefits of complementary therapies.

I tried a number of different therapies in an effort to find an alternative to constant medication.  As with many things in life, I quickly realised that although each therapy offered relief and the possibility of a return to full health, some worked better for me than others.  Once aware of those which really appealed to me and improved my wellbeing, I decided to train in them so that I could offer help and support to others, in the same way that I had been helped.

Over the years, I have trained in aromatherapy, massage in many different forms, Reiki, naturopathy, flower essence therapy, crystal healing, reflexology and energy healing. I am constantly learning and developing my techniques, and at present am continuing my  naturopathy studies.

As my therapy practice has grown, so has my experience and knowledge of vibrational and healing energies.  I truly believe that all things are connected, and it is very difficult to separate healing modalities – all that matters is that they all, without exception, exist to offer you balance, wellbeing and peace and I am very happy to be a part of that.