After several years at the Kirkwall Hotel, workshops will be moving to The Guide Hall in Thoms St, Kirkwall from July 2018.  It's been lovely having beautiful, harbour views from the rooms at the hotel but with all the renovations planned, and noise that will entail, we will be relocating to a quieter spot with the advantage of easier parking!

I also hope to offer Meditation and Mantra Classes later in the year at new premises - more details will follow in due course :)

I teach regular workshops and classes in Orkney - see below for further details.  I am also happy to offer corporate workshops and therapy days, and have run workshops throughout the UK, from small community groups to larger organisations. Many companies now realise the benefit of stress management and my relaxation and stress relief workshops , in particular, can help with this.


Mantra & Meditation Classes

*Coming Soon*

Monthly classes for health and wellbeing, combining the powerful benefits of sound healing with healing and relaxing meditations.  Classes will be for 11/2 hours and cost £10.  Spaces will be limited so booking is essential. 


Wellbeing Classes 

A new class format for 2018!

These run fortnightly (where possible) and include elements of yoga, qi gong, meditation and general advice on health and wellbeing.  Sessions are 1 1/2 hours long and cost £10.  As spaces are limited, booking is essential. 

There will be a set of seven classes and while it will be more beneficial to attend the complete course, it is not necessary.  Classes will run from 7 - 8.30pm on the followiing Wednesday evenings:

10th January

24th January

7th February

21st February

14th March

28th March

11th April

Relaxed, comfortable clothing should be worn and please bring a blanket, if possible.


Relaxation/Meditation Classes

None at present...



These are available for groups of up to ten people, or on a one-to-one basis.  Dates and times are flexible to suit and all run for 2 - 21/2 hours.  In all cases, a folder with detials of all that is covered in the workshop, is included in the cost.

Individual Workshops - £45

Group Workshops - £20 per person



Everyone has encountered Angels in some way, shape or form but few realise they are constantly around and just waiting to be asked for help.  They represent healing and supportive frequencies on which we can all draw any time we feel the need.  In this workshop, through guided visualisations, crystals and sound techniques, we will learn how to access and work with these energies to help in all aspects of our lives.    


Aromatherapy – Home Remedy Chest

Use of essential oils is not restricted to massage! This workshop aims to show you just how many uses they have in our daily lives, from health remedies to housework. Learn which oils are a vital part of any medicine cabinet, how to use them and when to avoid them; discover how to use them safely around the house and garden. As well as covering the many uses and applications of each of the chosen oils, there is also the opportunity in the workshop for practical work and relaxation. (As some of the oils covered are not recommended during pregnancy, this workshop is not advised when pregnant.)


Chakras & the Energy Body
This workshop explains how our energy body and chakra system work and how they affect every part of our lives. As well as practical exercises and meditation, we will learn about each of the seven main chakras and how they resonate with us on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. Through meditation, crystals, colours and essential oils we will also discover how to ensure they are as healthy and balanced as possible.



There are several crystal workshops available, ranging from one for those who are relatively inexperienced or need some support in how to make the most of their crystals, to others for those who have been working with crystals for some time and would like to explore new ways of working with them, as well as discovering and learning about more unusual stones.  In all workshops, we  cover the choosing and care of your crystals, as well as discovering how versatile they are for our own healing. Learn about the properties of our chosen crystals, how to use them for ourselves and others, and practise simple and effective healing techniques.  The workshops also include a personal Crystal Oracle reading.


        Energy Awareness Workshop

In our day-to-day lives we are faced with many situations which affect us on all levels of our Being. Exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones etc; road rage; geopathic stress; negative outbursts from other people; graphic and upsetting images from the media; stressful situations – all can have a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical health. It is, however, possible to take action to help prevent this. In this workshop, we cover the many situations which can affect us and learn to use a number of simple techniques and tools which can be easily incorporated into our daily lives to minimise these effects.


Relaxation & Stress Relief Workshop

Stress is an undeniable part of everyone’s life nowadays and unfortunately, plays havoc with our health.  We need to learn how to restore balance so that the effects are minimal instead of major.  It may not be possible to remove the cause of stress, but we can greatly reduce the effect it has on our minds and bodies.  This workshop offers practical advice on how to do just that – learn simple, effective techniques, practise them and feel the benefit!


Sound and Spirit Healing

Using a combination of sound and shamanic techniques, this workshop aims to restore balance, improve wellbeing and increase awareness of our inner voice and strengths. The session includes mantra, journeying meditations and working with the healing drum and percussion.


Vibrational Healing

Everything on the planet has a vibration!  When we are unwell, feeling out of sorts or generally feel as though our lives are not flowing quite as well as they might, it is due to something affecting our vibrational frequency.  This can be absolutely anything but may well include stress of some sort, environmental conditions, emotional trauma or unresolved issues.  The good news is that we can do something to redress this and return our bodies to  a state of health and wellbeing.  In this workshop we use colour, sound, crystals, flower essences and other forms of vibrational healing to do just that.

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