I was very fortunate to be introduced to Nic through a friend, in a time in my life of great unbalance , anxiety and stress. I can not begin to quantify how the benefits of Nic's talent , skill and expertise has changed my whole well being.  At each session, I just need to walk into the therapy room to feel the energy flow and relaxation start. Following a session, normally a combination of Reflexology and Reiki, I walk away feeling refreshed, energised and positive.   I struggle with the concept at times but all I know is, it definitely works. I have also experienced Distance Healing, which is energy healing whilst you sleep.  Again, I have no idea the logic behind it, but know it's great to wake feeling refreshed, energised and at peace with your mind. Meeting Nic and experiencing her gift for well being first hand is now an absolute necessity in my life... Thank you. 

   Susan, Orkney


I have been going to Nic for a variety of treatments over the past few years and would thoroughly recommend a visit.  Whether your problems are stress related or due to a physical condition, she has such a vast amount of different techniques there is sure to be one which will suit your individual needs. I always come away from a treatment feeling a different person to when I arrived - feeling totally relaxed, stress free and having thoroughly enjoyed whichever treatment I’ve had - and must add I have been lucky enough to have sampled most of the therapies she offers!
   Frieda, Easter Ross


I’ve been to Highfield House for quite a few treatments- Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Reiki and Reflexology - Nic is definitely the best I have ever been to. After a session, I feel really relaxed and ‘sorted’, my aches and pains seem to just disappear. She is the most patient listener, and the atmosphere at Highfield House is always very calm and relaxing, just like Nic. I also find her very knowledgeable about other healing methods, eg crystals and meditation, and now use them myself.
I receive Distant Reiki every week, which can be done even as you sleep, as I often do, then wake up feeling great! I don’t really know how it works but it definitely does. I can’t thank you enough Nic.

   Meg, West Lothian


I came to Nic with bad muscle pain in my shoulder, neck and back to the extent I had very little movement. I was expecting a straightforward massage but was surprised to be asked if this could be combined with Reiki. I was sceptical about the benefits of Reiki but agreed to the combination treatment. The treatments went very well; as far as the Reiki went, well I could feel something going on, but still was not convinced it was doing anything. Then during a massage session on my back, I could feel Nic working up the full length of my spine - I felt heavy, then had a feeling of being suddenly light. I have to admit I did feel much better after the treatment and told Nic what I had experienced; she explained that it was the Reiki healing during the treatment which had affected me! My scepticism evaporated. The treatments continued until I was fully fit again. I would definitely recommend this combination of healing treatment, it worked for me.
   Shaun, Easter Ross

I have had massage/Reiki treatments to help with lower back pain and found them extremely helpful for my condition.  I was especially happy with the warm and caring atmosphere in the treatment room – I never had any feeling of a clock ticking and found the whole experience relaxing and worthwhile.  Thank you!
   Marie, Central Belt


It is always a delight to come to Highfield House.  The welcome is warm and the surroundings are perfect for the workshops and therapy sessions.  I always leave feeling relaxed and at peace with the world.
I have been to both group and individual structured workshops run by Nic.  Both have benefits.  Group sessions are enjoyable because they provide a wide platform for discussion.  Individual sessions can concentrate on specific, personal areas of interest.  All are held in the vestry, which provides access to Nic’s comprehensive reference library.
Nic has a warm, comfortable room set aside for therapy sessions.  All I can say is that when the sessions are over I am left feeling extremely well and relaxed.  Nic is a true, dedicated professional and although the sessions are not intrusive they are effective.
It is always a joy and delight to come to Highfield House……   Thank you, Nic

   Anne, Caithness


I have tried several of the therapies offered by Nic and must say how beneficial they were.  The initial impression is one of serenity which adds to the comfortable environment and assists in the relaxation of stress and tension, which I suppose is one of the principal aims of the undertaking.
The therapy sessions are conducted in a thoroughly professional manner, with great attention to detail and the practitioner is clearly deeply committed to, and has an intensive knowledge of, her areas of expertise.
These factors combine to ensure that any given treatment has, in my experience, never been less than pleasing – best described as a feeling of all-round well-being.

    John, Fife

I was referred to Nic by a friend.  My job is very stressful and involves a lot of travelling and computer work so I had chronic problems with my neck and shoulders, as well as constant stress and fatigue.  I had massage and Reiki to help relieve the pain and this worked really well – after the first treatment I noticed a huge difference and realised the pain had all but disappeared.  After a few treatments, I was aware the pain and discomfort had gone completely, and I was feeling more alert and happy.  The sessions were so relaxing and the combination of Reiki and massage really seemed to work more deeply than massages I’ve had in the past.
    Cathy, Wester Ross


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